Divorce And Child Custody: Men Cry Foul

Traditionally, father’s rights have not been addressed seriously during times of divorce or custody disputes. And while each family is unique and the circumstances very nuanced, there is no disputing that our court system has been complicit in allowing fathers to essentially be cut out of their children’s lives. The courts often view the mother as the best custodial parent, even when all other things are equal, awarding residential custody to the mothers and limited parenting time for the fathers. This can lead to mothers taking advantage of the situation by limiting access of the children to extended family, cutting fathers out of the children’s lives, accusing the fathers of abuse and generally making the father’s parenting time very difficult. And while this is certainly not always the case, it is undeniable that by allowing the court to dictate how a family should conduct themselves lends itself to abuse by one party. The court’s determinations can lead to a seriously skewed vision of parenthood and families which burdens the fathers, hurts the children and devastates the entire family. Please consider alternatives when it comes to divorce or custody. Mediation and Collaborative law can offer supportive and viable options that will allow your family to maintain close and healthy relationships with all loved ones.

Elizabeth Vaz