The Law Made These Women Pay Up To Get Out Of Their Abusive Marriages

For centuries, domestic violence has been a quiet killer in families. And while men are not immune from the violence, it has primarily been women suffering at the hands of the male paramours. The re-victimization that occurs by forcing women to tell their stories in detail to the investigators, again on the stand in court and the then to possibly be required to pay support to the very person who put them through hell, is absolutely unconscionable. Victims don’t come forward because the system is designed to work against them. It is time that we face our past failures, step into modernity and accept that one-size-fits-all justice system is NOT designed to be fair and equitable. It is merely designed to appear neutral while moving cases along as quickly as possible. Nothing more. I am a strong advocate for resolving family conflict outside the court system. But if you are a victim of domestic violence, please do not hesitate to call the authorities and press charges. It is never okay to suffer at the hands of abuse - never.

Elizabeth Vaz