What I Learned About Marriage From My Parent’s Divorce

Divorce is not the determinative factor of how your children will view their own adult relationships but the divorce process can certainly have a lasting impact. I have heard other Collaborative professionals ask this vital question, "what do you want your child's divorce story to be?" In other words, do you want your children to look back and speak of the dissolution of your marriage in terms of heated fights, resentment, custody battles, etc.? Or do you prefer that your children later recite that they felt loved and protected no matter what? The lessons we teach our children during the toughest of times, will shape the way they view themselves and their relationships as adults. This is a powerful piece of information that we should all consider when facing divorce. And while there is no one 'right' way to do anything, the Collaborative divorce process will provide your family, and especially your children, with the ability to tell a unique and positive story.

Elizabeth Vaz