Elizabeth Vaz is a smart, compassionate attorney who works hard for her clients. Unlike attorneys who seek to keep conflict alive so they can bill more hours, Liz approaches her clients humanely, helping them get through a difficult period of their lives and doesn’t just view them as a paycheck. When I have a client seeking a collaborative divorce, that doesn’t want to see their family torn apart even as it reconfigures, she’s exactly the attorney I refer them to. She’s terrific!
— Love Law Firm, PLLC Francine E.. Love
Excellent service and very responsive.
— Martin Lachhmanen
Liz is am amazing attorney and person. She is a smart, knowledgeable and extremely dedicate to her clients. She works very hard to get the best results for her clients all while trying to keep them informed and being conscious of their best interests. She has a wealth of Knowledge in the area of Divorce. She is a major influencer in bring alternative methods to litigated divorce such as Mediation and Collaborative Divorce to Long Island. I highly recommend her to anyone facing a divorce or family court matter.
— Concetta G. Spirio
I visited this law firm in hopes they could help me with divorce options. After speaking with Elizabeth, I immediately felt comfortable with how things would pan out. She was able to talk me out of doing a contested divorce and we worked out some details where an uncontested divorce was the best option. She was a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend this law firm!
— Anonymous
Elizabeth Vaz is my attorney in a custody/vistation case with my children’s mother. There were so many intricacies with the case because of the other party’s reluctance to follow the court order in addition to various other issues. The manner in which my attorney handled these dilemmas was so competent and professional. Her knowledge and know-how in what course of action we should undertake to address the different situations we were faced with was truly remarkable. I was never in doubt or had to question if I should get a second opinion or if I was in the right hands. She was in constant contact with me every step of the way which ultimately provided me with a peace of mind that was priceless during those turbulent time. I would recommend anyone to Ms Vaz and be rest assured that I’m giving a great recommendation.
— Nathan
I went to see Vaz Law about how I could divorce from my husband and get custody of my kids without spending all of our money. I met Liz Vaz who was very nice and very honest. She told me that I do not have to go to court to get divorce and that I may not like the outcome if we went to court anyway and she explained why he has rights in New York that I did n’t even know about. She told me about different way to divorce and now my divorce is waiting for the court to sign it, and I never had to go to court. I would recommend her to other people who need help and an honest opinion.
— Dawn