Mediation is a private, confidential alternative to traditional divorce litigation. If you and your spouse agree that your divorce will move forward but you do not want to fight, Divorce Mediation may be the right choice for you.

It consists of a series of meetings with a divorce mediator, who is often a divorce attorney. However, when acting as a mediator, the attorney remains completely neutral and will not provide legal advice beyond some basic legal terms and statutory guidelines.

In this role, the mediator will assist the couple with identifying potential issues and helping them draft an agreement that can be incorporated into an uncontested divorce.

This process allows the couple to maintain control over finances, care and custody of the children and property distribution.

Once a settlement is reached, each person is encouraged to have his or her own attorney review the agreement. This ensures that each parties’ rights have been protected. Mediation is not the right choice for all couples but if you and your spouse agree on most issues of your marriage and need only minimal guidance, mediation may be the right choice for you. Mediation is far less expensive that traditional divorce and is often cited as being more satisfying to each of the participants.



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